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Watch Out For This Potential "Hidden Clause" of You're Next Lease Contract!

There are some pretty sketchy practices in the equipment finance industry. Since financial services are complex and have lots of funky terms that industry "outsiders" don't necessarily understand, most segments of the industry have a certain amount of bad seeds running around. However, bigger industries like mortgage and insurance are pretty tightly regulated, so when someone is caught breaking the rules, they tend to go to jail and get their name in the newspaper. Equipment leasing companies aren't regulated at all, so it's a lot easier to scam you when you are financing equipment than in a lot of other areas. For many finance products, it's pretty safe to just go with a bigger company - the guys who use Snoopy to sell you insurance aren't as likely to be crooks as the...

Freightliner Unveils Self-Driving Truck

Freightliner did it.

If you’re one of the many who scoffed at the idea of a commercially-viable self-driving truck, or at best figured such technology was years—if not decades—away, you need to reset your expectations.

At a press event on May 5th at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway outside Las Vegas, NV, Freightliner, in conjunction with the State of Nevada and its governor, Brian Sandovall, launched the Inspiration, a new, autonomous truck. The truck is commercially viable. But more importantly, thanks to legislative steps taken by Nevada, it is completely legal to operate Nevada highways.

The Inspiration is not yet available for purchase and is still in its testing phase. But it will no longer be relegated to test-tracks and cordoned-off test roads. This truck will run in, mix with, cruise with public traffic all throughout the state of Nevada as Freightliner engineers test its capabilities and refine its operating parameters.

The conventional wisdom in the trucking world was that Europe would be the proving ground for autonomous truck technology and development. But Martin Daum, CEO of Daimler Trucks, said Nevada’s bold move prompted Freightliner to aggressively target North America as the new autonomous truck frontier.

That decision ultimately led to this event in Las Vegas today Tuesday, the single largest, and most expensive press launch in Daimler’s entire 100-plus year history.

Details on the Inspiration model are still scarce and more information will be revealed over the next day or two as the event unfolds.


Could We Really Run Out Of Energy?

There are three major reasons why there are conversations about trying to be more eco-friendly. The first reason is to better protect the environment. The second reason is to try to come up with cost saving measures. The third reason is because we don’t want to run out of the natural resources that bring us this energy.
Asking if we could really run out of energy is kind of a strange question, because energy in some form will always be out there. The question probably should be whether we’ll have access to the types of energy we have access to now, or the catalyst for that energy. That will provide a much different answer, and one that we all need to address as we go forward with our...

Historic Lows at the Pump

oilgas-pricesWhile the recent drop in gas prices is allowing consumers to hit record highs in confidence, leading to more spending and good news for restaurants, bars, and vehicle sales, the same positive effects are not shared with the energy sector. According to the Wall Street Journal, dropping oil prices are resulting in layoffs and has Wall Street’s stock and bond investors on edge. In spite of this economists say that the damages will not be greater than the benefits on the nation as a whole, most especially lower to middle income families.  Tim Duy, an economics professor at the University of Oregon said: “To the extent you’re seeing weakness, it’s very concentrated and somewhat dramatic, it’s more evident than the additional...